About the Duct Tape Camper

So what the heck is a duct tape camper? The two of us (my daughter Randy and me) go camping every year with a bunch of friends. While all of our friends have campers of varying sizes (and prices), we've always been a tenting pair. A couple of years ago, Randy and Shelly (Randy's friend who came with us) decided that they didn't feel like pitching the tent. So I told them that if they wanted to sleep on the trailer (which we brought just to haul stuff), then I'll sleep in the back of the truck and we don't need to pitch the tent. Done deal.

When we made the annual trip in 2007, we built a camper frame out of 1½" PVC pipe and bolted it to the trailer. We threw a tarp over it and used the same sleeping accommodations as the previous year. It worked out well...Randy and her friend in the homemade camper and me in the back of my truck. Sure, other folks at the campgrounds laughed at our creation, but that was the whole point. So it worked out well, but there were two problems:

  1. The tarp just didn't fit the camper as nicely as we wanted it to.

  2. The tarp version just didn't garner the quantity of snickers and ridicule that we were looking for.

So now, for 2008, we've used the same frame, but built the shell out of duct tape. Perfect. It's a shell custom made for this specific camper. There is no other camper like it in the world! The door is duct tape. The window frames are duct tape. The edge molding is duct tape. It's all duct tape. And if there's an imperfection or an accidental tear somewhere...you guessed it...duct tape!

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